The Ciclone lid paired with The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. lets you achieve the highest performance of quality, taste and healthiness. The Ciclone avoids the dehydration and overheating of food, maintaining the humidity required according to the recipe.
The GHA treatment gives the surfaces of the Ciclone antibacterial capacities and high resistance to corrosion and wear.
– The jagged concave form lets you cover cookware of any size
– Reduces the quantity of oil necessary for cooking
– Prevents the leaking of liquid during cooking, avoiding the flame from going out and the cooker from getting dirty
– Simplifies cooking by reducing cooking time and therefore saving energy
– Lets you cook meat, fish and vegetables without having to thaw them first
– Allows the adding of water, oil or liquid condiments while cooking without uncovering the pot
– Oven effect: by unscrewing the knob with the small disc and tightening it the other way, the Ciclone transforms pots or pans into an oven, to cook exquisite pizzas or delicious sweets

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CICLONE Cooking System


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Ø 13-28, Ø 28-38, Ø 28 e 38

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