The Healthy Cookware GHA is produced with food grade aluminium on which the GHA treatment is made.

(patent N. EP1207220)

The GHA treatment is the most innovative technology dedicated to surfaces realized with aluminium based alloys (light alloys). It consists of a special anodic oxidation treatment with a variable thickness ranging from 5 to 200µm, which is followed by a sealing of microporosity of the anodic oxide layer through silver ions (Ag+).

The really high hardness of the anodic oxide, HV 500-550, combined with the extraordinary properties of the silver ions gives the treated surface biotechnological characteristics of great practical interest.

The GHA treatment is irremovable, as the anodic oxide is formed directly on the surface of the piece, generating a metalceramic layer which spreads inside the base material  for the 50% and rises on the surface for the other 50%.

Depending on the thickness, and according to the alloy used, the metalceramic generated on the surface, takes on a dark grey or golden colour (hence the word “Golden” in the acronym GHA)

Since ancient times, silver has been used, besides its beauty, for its antibacterial properties: in fact, it was seen as a metal that contributed to the healthiness of the water and facilitated the healing of wounds, along with preventing infections.

Only in 1893 this empirical knowledge was supported scientifically. Actually, in that year, the Swiss botanist Karl Von Wilheim Nageli published a study that demonstrated the antibacterial properties of silver. In the course of the 1900s numerous pharmaceutical products taking advantage of these properties, started gradually appearing, including the antibiotic Argyrol.

Today, as we are facing pathogens resistant to antibiotics, silver is re-emerging as a very strategic antibacterial agent because of its unique effect that takes place in the attack and killing of microorganisms that provoke infections.In the 1990s, a team of researchers from Kyoto studied the application of silver ions to metallic based coatings. These researchers chose the oxidized aluminium surface as the base for the permanent fixing of silver ions. This is how GHA treatment was born (Golden Hard Anodizing).

Silver ions carry out an antibacterial effect to their surroundings much more efficiently than that carried out by the same silver in solid form, and with notably lower costs.

Aluminium is surely the most suitable metal for the making of cookware because of its high heat conductibility, good mechanical consistency and lightness (weighs about 1/3 of stainless steel and less than 1/3 of copper). Unfortunately, though, when it is bare, it is dangerous because especially with acidic foods, it gets corroded contaminating it with toxic leaching, while if coated with non-stick film, the risk to contaminate the food with particles of carcinogenic components is very high.

These pollutants mixed with food get absorbed by our bodies in the digestive process and unfortunately we find them in our blood that distributes them throughout our endocrine system, filters of our bodies (liver-spleen-pancreas-kidneys, etc.).

For the reasons stated above, the GHA treatment, performed on the alloys of food grade aluminium (alloys without heavy metals like lead, copper, titanium, zinc, etc.), is particularly recommended for the making of cookware because the layer of metalceramic that gets formed on the surface prevents the contact between the aluminium base and the food.

It should be considered that this metalceramic layer, different from usual coating treatments, consists of a true and exact transformation of the aluminium base (Al) into aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Therefore, as well as being very hard and particularly resistant to corrosion, it also results as IRREMOVABLE making the surface of the pots devoid of any type of leaching, in accordance with the recent European regulations about M.O.C.A. (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food).

Furthermore, the presence of ionic silver on the surface of the cookware gives them special antibacterial properties which, both during and after the cooking, not only allow to preserve food but also help to reduce any type of waste. In fact the degradation of food happens because of bacteria proliferation that in our case gets inhibited thanks to the presence of the silver ions Ag+.

Lastly, it should be considered that aluminium, which is the most present metal in the Earth's crust, even if in small doses, is also ingested through fruits and vegetables and this is physiological. Our body instead can't dispose of the aluminium leaching deriving from containers for food (cans – basins – film etc.), and this generetaes dangerous accumulations that are among the causes of serious neurodegenerative pathologies like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The Healthy Cookware GHA cannot be defined as non-stick because they lack any type of non-stick film or paint. The requisite to be non-stick is initially discreet, inferior to film, but superior to steel and bare aluminium. The big difference with film is that the non-stick properties of The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. improve in time with use thanks to the presence of silver which is a natural self-lubricant.

Our tutorials explain how to cook food that tends to stick to the bottom.

Thanks to the GHA treatment, The Healthy Cookware GHA is without Nickel and are allergy-free, so particularly suited for those who suffer from allergies and intolerances to this metal.

Note: The handles are an exception as they are made in stainless steel 18/10 that is an alloy containing 18% chrome and 10% nickel. The same for the cup of the MokArgento Squisita.

The Healthy Cookware GHA and accessories in food grade anodized aluminium  with silver ions have all certifications that prove their suitability for contact with food, antibacterial properties and the transfer of metals well below legal limits.

Our products fully meet the requirements set out by the recent M.O.C.A. Law (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) regulations (CE) n. 1935/2004, n. 1895/2005, n. 2023/2006, n. 282/2008, n. 450/2009 and n. 10/2011, materials and objects intended to come into contact with food, became law by Legislative Decree10 February 2017 n. 29.

PDF Certification of suitability for food contact - HEALTH's pots

PDF Certification of suitability for food contact - SQUISITA The healthy coffe-pot

PDF Evaluation of the bactericidal Effect of Treatment GHA

The GHA technology consists of a special galvanic treatment extremely monitored in all phases of the production process being able to guarantee “Zero” impact on the environment. The durability of The Healthy Cookware GHA is very high and every part that makes up the cookware is 100% recyclable without releasing any polluting residue in the environment. The body of The Healthy Cookware GHA, made with food grade aluminium, unlike all the other materials used to make pots and pans (stainless steel, cast iron, glass, crock, etc.), allows a consistent reduction in cooking time with a notable saving of energy.

The lightness, robustness and easiness to clean characterise these cookware particularly valuable in professional kitchens.

Thanks to the silver ions present on the surface of The Healthy Cookware, the food, while cooking, is protected from the proliferation of bacteria and consequent formations of toxins.

For all the reasons mentioned above, The Healthy Cookware GHA product is to be considered fully sustainable in accordance with the Paris Agreement of 2015, Sustainable Development Goals, for the protection of the climate, environment and food.

Therefore we are delighted to be able to affirm: