SilverTOP antibacterial Placemat


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ZERO WASTE: It’s the valid alternative to disposable paper placemats and those of plastic.

VERSATILE: Besides it’s common use at home, at the restaurant, at the bar, at the canteen, at school, it can be used also as flat surface or tray to maintain food fresh for longer and for their conservation in the fridge.

Its use is strongly recommended where a high level of hygiene is necessary (e.g. hospitals, doctors’ studios, offices, accomodation facilities, bathrooms, etc).

Some ideas for its use in domestic space: table, kitchen drawers, linen drawers, shoe rack, hamper, etc.In food stores: as the base for displaying fresh food (fruit, vegetables, and any
type of food) to guarantee a long conservation.

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20 x 30 cm GOLD, 30 x 40 cm GOLD, 20 x 30 cm BLACK, 30 x 40 cm BLACK

Written by Marianna Magli


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