G.H.A. Europe Srl was born in 2004 inside the Remet Group, a company of Bologna founded by Professor Franco Cicerchia. Present on the market since 1970, Remet has been the leader in the metallography and analysis of metals sector. In 2005, Prof. Cicerchia acquired the Japanese patent GHA (Golden Hard Anodizing) for the European Community, having intuited the potential of its application in various sectors: automotive, automatic packaging machines (for food, medicine, etc), marine products, household appliances, house-ware and machinery in general.

The positioning of GHA Europe Srl inside the Packaging Valley determines its luck. Precisely in the field of packaging, the performance of the treatment reveals itself crucial: lightness, resistance to wear and corrosion and antibacterial properties are indeed indispensable characteristics to measure itself against the high standards of efficiency and safety required by the packaging process.

Besides the industrial applications, the properties of the GHA treatment have proven to be highly suitable for common use objects like pots or accessories for the kitchen. This is how The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. was born – a line of products thought for those who want a really healthy cooking.

Since GHA is an exclusive patent, The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. is the only one that can boast the anodizing of silver ions, a treatment that renders the cookware anti-bacterial and anti-leaching. Inhibiting bacteria proliferation, The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. keeps the taste of the food intact and guarantees its conservation. Moreover, another fundamental characteristic for health and safety is that these pots and pans don't release any harmful substances to the organism.

Our company's main objective is, in fact, to create safe products that protect the aluminium base from any harmful release to guarantee maximum food safety, avoid allergies, intoxication or pathologies caused by an accumulation of metals in the organism.

In general cookware and containers for food and drink can release substances dangerous to the human body. Heavy metals like lead, copper, tin, zinc, nickel, chrome or iron, and alloys like cast iron, have a toxic effect on the liver, kidneys and glands. Light metals, like aluminium, instead have a neurotoxic effect and can induce neurodegenerative diseases.

Moreover, as a result of use, the pots exposed to non-stick treatments leave particles from the film used to make the coating.

Instead, the anodic oxidation acts as a sealing and prevents any release of metal, and  for this reason it's also called metalceramic. Also, the GHA treatment is irremovable so it doesn't release any types of molecules not even after long use.

The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. is particularly appreciated for its performance. Besides enhancing the results, the features of the aluminium foil, associated with the GHA treatment, make the cookware instruments practical and highly resistant. The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. boasts an optimal transmitting of heat, that results evenly over the surface. The pots and pans are light and easy to use and can be used for a long time effortlessly. They can't be scratched, so they can be used with any type of spatula and they can be cleaned with abrasive sponges. For the same reason, they are very resistant to wear and are suitable for intense and long use like those in professional kitchens.

To add, they don't retain odours and so can be used in succession with other plates of different types, from fish to meat.

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The founding value of GHA is the protection of people's health, and for this reason the company is also committed to the environmental sustainability front. In the establishments of the Remet Group, they use renewable energy. Also, the longevity of the GHA treatment contrasts wastefulness: The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. can be used for many years without producing waste.

The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. is 100% Made in Italy.