The non-stick quality of pots is obtained with PTFE coating that are true and proper films, and therefore they present the problem of abrasion and dangerous leaching. The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. is without any type of non-stick film/paint, so it cannot be defined as non-stick, but the non-stick property is discreet, inferior to film, but superior to steel and bare aluminium.

The main difference with film is that the non-stick quality of The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. improves in time, with use, thanks to the presence of silver which is a natural self-lubricant.

The GHA treatment gives rise to metalceramica, which is a transformation of the superficial layer of aluminium. Silver is present in the form of ions Ag+ (hence the low cost) therefore it gives a particular colouration to the surface due to an optical interference effect as the metalceramic layer is translucent.

The different colour tones of some of our products depend on:

1. the aluminium alloy employed (alimentary type)

2. the thickness of the GHA treatment with silver ions carried out on the product

The combination of these two elements give rise to two different shades. In both cases (dark grey/charcoal and gold/bronze), the performance and typical characteristics of our products remain unchanged.

The treatment of The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. is irremovable, with the purpose of domestic or professional use, therefore you can use cutlery and also abrasive sponges for cleaning (which you can see in this short video tutorial).

Contrarily, non-stick film sheets degrade and fall off easily, leaving carcinogenic substances harmful to the health of the human organism.

Yes, BUT only using bio-ecological detergent tested by us it is possible to preserve The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. and to maintain the validity of the warranty. Sodium bicarbonate and other chemical components that are strongly-alkaline or acidic (with pH > 10 or < 3) contained in most of dishwasher detergents, together with the high temperatures of the dishwashing machine and for long periods of time, have a corrosive effect on the GHA treatment. On the tests we have performed, only the "Tea Natura" detergent has proven to have a chemical composition that doesn't damage the GHA metalceramic.

Like all crockery, it's enough to pay the right amount of attention in the handling of the cookware, therefore if you put one on top of the other without banging it, there won't be any damages. In the case of strong impact, you could damage the edge, though it doesn't compromise the use of the pot.

It's advisable, however, to insert between cookware the packaging with which they are sold, or something thick of your choosing.

They are not indestructible but they are much more robust than any other cookware made of aluminium, particularly those coated in non-stick film. As any object, The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. used daily can leave marks: it's important to know that these marks are superficial, therefore they do not affect the use and the GHA treatment doesn't lose its properties.

Note: as indicated in the instruction manual and warranty attached to all of our products, potential cases of strong banging from metallic objects, dropping or use of very aggressive chemical products that fall outside the normal use recommended, can ruin the cookware.

Under almost every pot, along with the use of a metallic grill cooker, it is normal that some marks will form. It's called a “pencil effect” in which the two materials (the cooker and the pot) when coming into contact leave a mark on each other.

These marks don't indicate the removal of material, given that they aren't scratches. To get rid of these marks from the pot, all you need to do is use a specific abrasive cloth from the catalogue.

The baking pans, baking trays, plumcake mold, containers, glasses, tongue scraper and bowls for pets can have small marks on external edges that are without treatment. These are physiological marks of the product and inevitable, since it is the holding point to grip the frame to then allow the correct work during the production process, given that these products lack handles. Therefore, these marks cannot be defined as defects of the product.

Also one of the two holes from the Silver Grill cooking plate doesn't have the GHA treatment, for the same technical reason. These marks don't represent any type of defect since they are external; in addition, if the food should come into contact with them for any reason, the aluminium alloy base is the alimentary type so it is suitable for contact with food.

Possible deep scratches or dents on the pot can only be caused following a strong impact on the grill of the cooker or against a very hard object and this type of mark is, unfortunately, ineliminable. The G.H.A. treatment, which is not a coating, has a hardness comparable to that of hardened steel and doesn't get scratched easily, but like steel, it gets damaged because of strong impacts since the core of the product is made of aluminium so the material is more pliable. In any case, the treatment does not get altered by a scratch and it doesn't spread into nearby areas, so any potential damage remains circumscribed.

As the GHA treatment is neither a coating nor a paint, it doesn't cover the natural veining of aluminium below, but instead emphasizes it given the translucent/semitransparent treatment. Potential marks withstanding the treatment are inevitable and physiological given that the aluminium base is a pliable material. Our products, although made in industrial plants with high technology, are all unique pieces.

The migration of metals is a phenomenon for which metal molecules can “move” in contiguous substances in the presence of particular conditions (acidity, temperature, etc.). In the attached Food Certification it is evident that The Healthy Cookware G.H.A. have been tested simulating extreme situations, that in the kitchen do not occur, using acetic acid 3% p/V for 30 minutes at 100% with repeated contact. The overall migration determined is much more inferior with the threshold value allowed by law which is 50 parts per million (according to Italian DM 21/3/73).

The migration of silver is practically non-existent as it isn't measurable. It is due to the silver ions, instead, the highly elevated antibacterial and bactericidal effect, as the certification demonstrates.

Our products are very easy to use and maintain because they are highly resistant and ergonomic. Some simple precautions assure them to be long-lasting. We advise you to read the instructions for use and the warranty present in every package.

The indication always refers to the upper edge.