The society G.H.A. Europe S.r.l. is the last one born of REMET group, solid and well established bolognese company that since 1970 is producing and selling measuring instruments and making metals analysis. In 2005 the deep metalís technologic culture led the owner Prof. Franco Cicerchia to improve the knowledge of the innovative japanese technology “G.H.A.”, because he had sensed its hard applications potentialities in several fields: automotive, automatic packaging machines (for food, medicines, etc), nautical, households and mechanics in general, which undergo effectively radical improvements.

G.H.A. Europe, which has acquired the Patent for the European Community (N. EP1207220), makes the treatment “G.H.A.” for subcontractors, and it has also developed a line of own products for the healthy cuisine without bacteria, the “Taste & Health Line” which includes:

  • Health cookware
  • Squisita coffee-pots
  • Baker Trays
  • Pizza Peels

They are highly innovative and advanced products that finally give a true and effective answer to everybody who, conscious to their own bodyís health and to a proper healthy nutrition often turned to the biological, are looking for kitchenware that do not alter the food cooked inside of them, because thanks to the Silver extraordinary properties, which is the heart of this treatment

  • food preserve their original taste and their organoleptic properties
  • toxins are not produced
  • there is not any extract from the G.H.A. treated surface
  • there is not any extract from the G.H.A. treated surface
  • the non-sticking property is much higher than natural aluminium and stainless steel