Metal-ceramic scraper with Silver Ionfor the tongue cleaning

Not everyone knows the importance of the daily tongue cleaning. During the night, the tongue forms a white film, these are toxins and waste that is better to remove to ensure that substances that the body is trying to expel do not fall into the circulation in the body .

That's why it would be good every morning to perform the cleaning of the tongue with SilverTONGUE.

SilverTONGUE is built in Metal-ceramic with Silver Ion, and it is very effective for the toxins removal.
It is not simply a benefit to the tongue and the oral cavity, but the whole body will benefit.

That's why practicing constantly the language cleaning every morning helps to:
1) Countering bad breath
2) Detoxify the body
3) Delete the coating on the tongue
4) Feel better the taste of the food
5) Protect your teeth and gums
6) Massaging the internal organs
7) Support the immune system
8) Facilitate digestion
9) Prevent sinus
10) Purify your body and mind

1 - Hold the two ends of SilverTONGUE in your hands and gently scrape the tongue from the inside out.
2 - Rinse SilverTONGUE under running water at each step.
3 - Use SilverTONGUE until complete elimination of the white film.
4 - Rinse SilverTONGUE and dry with a cloth.

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