These utensils have a high thermal conductivity, it is therefore possible to use a lower flame saving energy.

Heat well the empty utensil for 1 or 2 minutes before every use. Thanks to this quick operation it is possible to improve the non-sticking property of the utensil. After this you can add the food for cooking, fixing the heat according to the quantity of food.

Protect your hands before touching handles.

It is also possible to use Health’s Pots and Pans on induction plates using the right adaptor.



Wash the utensil with hot water, soap and sponge. Dry it.
Grease the utensil surface of the utensil with enough oil to create a thin layer. Heat well the utensil for 2 or 3 minutes. The utensil is now ready for cooking foods.


Especially for the early cookings, grease the surface of the utensil with a thin layer of oil. Heat well the utensil for 1 or 2 minutes, always. After this you can cook the food fixing the heat according to your needs.


Thank to the extraordinary antibacterial properties of the surface, the Health’s Pots and Pans preserve food freshness and fragrance for a longer time. The ceramic structure of our products furthermore protects, even with acid foods, against all kinds of corrosion and subsequent food contamination.


Health’s Pots and Pans are well washed with hot water and sponge, even an abrasive sponge in case of difficult cleaning, using detergents without soda.
The use of a dishwasher is possible with Bio-Ecologic detergents, NON alkaline (without soda) and without bleaching agents.


Based on global migration tests carried on with simulated acid (acetic acid 3% at 100°C) in the CSI Milan laboratories, it is certified that Health’s Pots and Pans produced with anodised aluminium and sealed with silver ions (G.H.A. process Patent N. EP1207220) are suitable for the contact with acid and aqueous foods.