The images are purely indicative. G.H.A. Europe reserves the right to modify the products to improve them without notice.

* G.H.A. Europe S.r.l., with registered office in Via Piemonte 7/1A – 40069 Zola Predosa (Bo), registered in the Bologna’s Companies Register (n. 442747), is owner of the website

The puschase of the desired products is perfected through the following phases:

  1. By sending the order, the customer transmits to G.H.A. Europe a purchase proposal of the selected product/s. Sending the purchase order implies the consent (article 10 DL 185/1999) to receive the subsequent communications of G.H.A. Europe here below described, which are aimed exclusively at the conclusion and the execution of the sale contract.
  2. G.H.A. Europe confirms with an e-mail the receipt of the order transmitted by the customer, where are summarized: details of required product/s, the relative price, the shipment cost and the bank details for the bank transfer at goods ready.
  3. The customer has 24 hours of time from the online sending of the order to communicate to G.H.A. Europe the eventual cancellation, calling the number 0039 051 3514051 or sending an e-mail to info(ar) In any case G.H.A. Europe will verify the effective stock availability of the requested goods and it will communicate by e-mail or telephone, to the address and to the number indicated by the customer, if the order can be accepted or not.
  4. If the order can be accepted and if the customer will confirm by e-mail or telephone his intention to proceed the purchase, G.H.A. Europe will send an e-mail as confirmation of the conclusion of the purchase procedure, containing the information about sale conditions, in accordance with art. 4 DL 185/1999.
  5. G.H.A. Europe will deliver the ordered goods to the express courier TNT who will deliver them to the address and at the time indicated by the customer. Payment of the customer will be through bank transfer at communication of goods ready.


The supplier of the products showed on this website is G.H.A. Europe S.r.l., placed in Via Piemonte 7/1A – 40069 Zola Predosa (Bo), VAT n. 02478641208. Registration in the Bologna’s Companies Register (n. 442747).


Prices are indicated next to every product on the online catalogue.

IMPORTANT: minimum order value is Eur 100.

Shipment costs: they depend on the total weight of the ordered goods and on the delivery address and they will be communicated to the customer each time.

The price which will be invoiced is the one showed next to the product at the conclusion of the order, in addition to the contribution for the shipment cost, without considering any updates occurred later.
G.H.A. Europe S.r.l. reserves the right to change without notice the product prices and the contribution for the shipment cost. The eventual new amounts will be effective from the moment they are published on the website and they will be applied to sales made since that time.


G.H.A. Europe will send, after conclusion of the order, an e-mail of order receipt confirmation.
The consumer is invited to print and keep this e-mail.
In case he won’t receive it, he is invited to keep contact with G.H.A. Europe.
In case of eventual inability, even temporary, to process the order partially or totally, G.H.A. Europe will send immediately an e-mail to make arrangements with the consumer, understanding the possibility for the consumer to ask the cancellation, also partial, of the order.


Once the order will be received, G.H.A. Europe will send, together with the order confirmation by e-mail also the bank details to make the bank transfer.
As soon as the transfer will be visualized, the order will be dispatched. If customer would like to send an e-mail with the copy of the t/t bank transfer sheet, it is possible to write to: info(at)


G.H.A. Europe uses the express courier TNT for the service of delivery all over Europe.
The delivery time depends on the destination and it will be communicated each time to the customer.

Consumer is invited to keep contact with G.H.A. Europe in case of delay in the delivery and in any case to report any malfunction detected.


G.H.A. Europe ensures that the sold products come out from its warehouse whole and free from defects.
If customer, at the carton opening, finds breakages, shortages or defects, must give immediate communication to G.H.A. Europe by e-mail info(at) or telephone 0039 051 3514051.
G.H.A. Europe will make arrangements for the replacement / removal of the damaged product.

3 years warranty covers the construction, the production and the materials defects. All the parts subjected to abrasions and damages caused by inappropriate use and cleaning are excluded from warranty.


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